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BTU Bricks®

Chris Miller - Brick Paver Installer is a distributer of:

BTU Bricks®

made by Wood Waste Industries

What are BTU Bricks®?
An all-wood product made from sawdust and wood shavings
Approximately two pounds shaped like a brick

Who are BTU Bricks® for?
They are an alternative to firewood and work great in a wood burning device like a stove or fireplace

When should you use BTU Bricks®?

Where to Use
Recommended to use BTU Bricks® in a wood burning appliance such as wood burning stove, fireplace, furnace, campfire, kilns, brick pizza ovens
Consult with manufacturer on use with this product

How to Use
Establish a bed of coals and initially add 3 or 4 BTU Bricks® depending on appliance
Please make sure you are familiar with your stove before burning too many bricks at once because BTU Bricks® burn very hot
Depending on the size of your appliance, you could put the entire package in there including the package
Add additional BTU Bricks® when necessary to maintain burn

Why would you want BTU Bricks®?

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Recycled Wood Product

  • Completely Burnable Package

  • Consistent Burning Fuel

  • Low Creasote

  • Low Ash

  • Convenient

  • Easy to Store, Stackable

  • Brick-sized Wood Fuel

  • Less Storage Space than Cordwood

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • No Bugs or Dirt


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